October 21, 2004
Public Chandler demo at EDUCAUSE

I gave a demo of Chandler (the almost 0.4 version) to over 100 people at the EDUCAUSE conference this morning. Nervous because I couldn't get the demo to work in the speaker prep room, I decided to gamble by rebooting my Mac just before the talk. Maybe this did the trick. Maybe the gods are smiling. After all the Red Sox won the pennant.

I was able to publish a calendar collection to the WebDAV server and send a sharing invitation from one instance of Chandler via email to another. From the other Chandler, I was able to accept the invitation, and voila, the collection magically appeared. Even with the totally unfinished UI the point got across we've really got the core of something going.

Posted by mitch@osafoundation.org at October 21, 2004 01:19 PM

Just some feedback for you, great presentation, the demo was heartening. We're getting sucked into an exchange environment as I type this, but our CIO has his eye on the future, and open calendaring standards.

Posted by: cameron at October 27, 2004 10:23 AM

Thanks for your excellent demo of, and introduction to, Chandler. I've initiated discussions about your project with my colleagues and have shared my notes with them. Keep up the great work.


Posted by: Jay Collier at November 24, 2004 09:00 AM