July 24, 2004
OSAF gets a new roommate

This week the good folks from Creative Commons moved into the OSAF space in downtown San Francisco. They join growing group of non-profits, including the Level Playing Field Institute and the Mitchell Kapor Foundation sharing space in S.F.'s only green office building.

We had long admired Creative Commons' efforts in helping people on the Internet who want to "share their work -- and the power to reuse, modify, and distribute their work -- with others on generous terms." These are the same objectives of the open source movement, and one of the core principals of OSAF -- contributing individual intellectual effort for the benefit of the community. In fact, OSAF was in the middle of a project to adopt the Creative Commons licenses for the content on our own website and the various OSAF Wikis when this opportunity came up. And it turned out, we had some extra space available.

Talk about compatibility! It's a great fit. We love having them in the neighborhood, and already feel the synergy at work.

Posted by mitch@osafoundation.org at July 24, 2004 08:44 AM